Strategy and Marketing

Worldly provides Strategy and Marketing (and much more: SEO, SEM. Website Design, etc., all Worldy Worldclass Award-winning services) for SMBs. We primarily focus on Social Media and Digital Distribution channels since that’s where most of our clients revenue centers start. We also produce videos to help seed most of our marketing and promotion work. Incorporating our produced videos in marketing campaigns on Social Media and Digital Distribution channels is critical for achieving high numbers. Ask us why “our Videos” do this? You might be surprised at the answer and we’ve been doing this for a long time with a high degree of success! Although it’s difficult to achieve a high-degree of success at Social Media and Digital Distribution channels our marketing campaigns combined with our videos drive high engagement on most platforms. Contact us to discuss and view our video portfolio and numbers for yourself.

Two points are important to address up-front so as not to waste anyone’s time. First, we don’t accept everyone. We need to believe that we can help you and that our mutual expectations are aligned; and, that your marketing and promotion (M&P) budget is realistic. Often, Hundreds or Thousands of dollars and many months of time is required to make significant progress, especially at the more difficult Social and Video Distribution channels. The point is that you must be budgeted for the level or length (of time) of marketing and promotion that is sufficient for what you want to achieve. One of the first questions that we ask is “what’s your budget”?