Music Marketing and Promotion

Worldly Distribution provides music marketing and promotion for Artists, Producers and Labels. We primarily focus on Social Channels, Spotify and Apple Music. We also produce music videos to help seed most of our marketing and promotion work. We believe that incorporating music videos in marketing and promotion campaigns is critical for artists. Although it’s difficult to achieve a high-level of success at Spotify; our marketing campaigns with music videos drive higher engagement on all platforms including Spotify. Contact us to view our music video portfolio.

Two points are important to address up-front so as not to waste anyone’s time. First, we don’t accept everyone. We need to believe that we can help you and that our mutual expectations are aligned; and, that your marketing and promotion (M&P) budget is realistic. Hundreds or Thousands of dollars and many months of time is required to make significant progress, especially at Spotify. The point is that many artists are not budgeted for the level or length of M&P that is sufficient for what they want to achieve. Consequently, many artists end up giving up before major progress is made. The major and major-minor labels and artists that dominate, for example, the Spotify platform (mostly the upper 10%), have significant and continuous budgets. And, although we do offer major and major-minor artist budgets we can help grow many hundreds or thousands of followers per month with some of our lower-cost Marketing and Promotion. One of the first questions that we ask is “what’s your budget”?

It was interesting early-on when independent digital distribution started out — when everyone was talking about “levelling the playing field”. But years later, that’s no longer the case. For example, the major labels and their proxies have bought up every available share of stock in Spotify and now have a lot of control. Some would say they have “an unfair advantage” of Spotify control. However, Worldly Distribution can help you break through the lower 90%barrier at Sportify.