The Case for our M&P Strategy

An artist’s success on Spotify is equally about its Algorithm as it is about the artists’ music. We know that artist’s, musicians and composers don’t want to hear this. However, we think it’s important to pay close attention to this if you want to grow a fan base on Spotify. The latest Algorithmic changes to Spotify have set the tone for Spotify in 2023. Particularly for those Spotify artists that we define as the “lower 90” (the lower 90% of the highest selling artists on the platform).

Most of the “lower 90” fail to attract, retain and grow a big enough listening audience/fanbase on Spotify to make even a modest living. And many artists simply give up after trying for less than a year. Artists usually view “success” on Spotify based solely upon artist numbers: followers, plays, saves; and, the retention and growth of all of the above. And we as Spotify Marketing experts know how to achieve that through 1,000% organic methods

Worldly Distribution LLC knows the (everchanging) Spotify Algo well. We’re music and marketing people. “Music Producers” and “Quants” (marketing research and analytics oriented. As discussed earlier, Spotify started off as a democratic endeavor favoring artists. It now, however, favors the labels and established artists of all stripes. So, today, how does the “lower 90” get more engagement and become more popular? We find that topic of very high interest. Worldly believes that we have one of the best blueprints for Artists to grow beyond the “lower 90”. Happy to chat about that if you’re interested in considering us. For your fully customized quote, you can reach us by phone at 617-233-3400 or by email at .